Being with Mr Anderson


As I write this I’ve left out some cat-food outside my open window. I’m not a cat person. I don’t even like cats. All my life I’ve grown up with dogs around me. Cats, I don’t trust. Once asked what I meant by that, I replied a cat is never going to invest my money in the stock market. That’s how much I don’t trust cats.

Then last year Mr Anderson showed up.

She knocked on my window late one night and woke me up. I refused to acknowledge her for the next few days. Till one hot summer day she climbed in through the open window and curled up under my bed for an afternoon nap. How can you not like someone who believes in afternoon naps, just like you.

Since then Mr Anderson has been a regular companion. I leave her food outside and she drops by whenever she’s hungry. We listen to Sigur Ros together. Sometimes when exceedingly playful she makes a grab for my ankle and runs away. I once tried to talk to her about the Chinese economy. That was the last time. She seemed so disinterested we never brought up the topic ever again.

I think what I admire most about Mr Anderson is that she doesn’t need me. She’s way too independent. I see her only at her discretion. She disappears for days at a time. But then reappears knocking on my window. I’m like a favoured book she reads whenever she’s reminded of it.

Well, all said and done, Mr Anderson and I might have a relationship we only grudgingly admit to, but she’s still not investing my money in the stock market. I don’t trust cats!


~ by Shakeel Sobhan on November 18, 2016.

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