Once a Malhotra, always a Malhotra

In 1992, having witnessed the spectacle that was Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikandar I was convinced that Malhotra was the perfect surname for me. Shakeel Malhotra sounded like a guy who’d breeze through life being very cool, and generally adulated. (Digressing here, but Shekhar Malhotra was the antagonist in the movie, who I was rooting for.)

Anyway, on presenting the proposal of changing my surname to my parents they saw the logic in my demand and offered to help with the legal proceedings. I was duly informed that the legal proceedings can take a while. I was okay with that. Patience bears sweet fruits and all.

It’s only today I realised that it has been 24 years and I’m still not a Malhotra. I think it’s time we talk about our time-consuming legal process. It’s hindering our children from being cool.


~ by Shakeel Sobhan on November 2, 2016.

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