My brother, the scientist


My brother, just by the dint of being of being three years older than me, was the repository of all scientific knowledge in the world when we were kids. Thus, it was he who told me that upon exiting an air-conditioned room all the cells in your body die. ALL the cells. Rather drastic, but this had to be true.

Anyway, so this one time when his class was being taught about evaporation their homework was to document a practical experiment on it. I was allowed to assist. So we filled a jar with water and put it out in the sun. We sat around waiting for the evaporation to happen. It was a long wait and eventually we lost interest and walking away left the doing to nature. I returned to the scene after a while and in a moment of grave scientific impropriety I threw away some water from the jar and ran in to tell my brother that his experiment had succeeded and the water had evaporated. He was ecstatic. Science had stayed true to him. He went on to become an engineer. Somehow I feel my little embellishment of the scientific truth might have contributed to his love of science.

Now I wonder if Nobel prizes are built on anecdotes like these.


~ by Shakeel Sobhan on October 9, 2015.

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