A treatise on How the Oppressors Always Win

Just finished reading How the Oppressors Always Win by Yu Fa Qin Kants and here are the things I actually observe around me –

1. Divide and screw around with always works. If you want to oppress a group, you need to drive a wedge between them by arbitrarily rewarding one part of the group, and thereby automatically questioning the quality of the work of the members of the other.

2. Attack the group leaders. That always pays. Question their origins, or if their parents ever got married legitimately. A group leader can only take so much personal attacks. Encourage other group members to do the same.

3. As an oppressor alway pretend to be their friend. Stab as and when necessary. Repeat.

4. Trivialise the oppressed’s demands.

5. Use subtle threats: “Hey you worked all through last night, you must be tired. Why don’t you go to sleep – permanently.”

6. As an oppressed the strength of your cause is only as sturdy as your weakest link. Disengage from cause if more than one weakest link observed.

7. Ayn Rand was right, reject altruism.


~ by Shakeel Sobhan on July 26, 2015.

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