The tank that wouldn’t turn left

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As a kid my favourite toy was a motorised tank. To my young mind it was the most amazing thing ever, and it really was. Moving on its treads it could climb over any obstacle. I would make hills out of books and my amazing tank would slowly and definitively climb them all. A motorised tank is all a kid can ask for, really.

But my tank would not turn left. It could make right turns fine but it just would not turn left. That was a built-in defect. It never occurred to me that I could have asked for a replacement. I never saw a reason to. You don’t replace an amazing tank,  do you?  So if  ever had to make my tank go left I’d instead make do with four right turns. Never in all those years playing with my tank that I found this to be a hinderance or something that marred my awe of it.

Looking back, I feel, that was the most important lesson I ever learnt. It taught me to be accepting of everything around me the way they are. It helped me find peace now. The people around us, the situations we find ourselves in,  are not always exactly how we want them to be. Love everything and everyone around you as they are. And be thankful.

The moment we stop looking for perfectness, we will learn to love the tank that wouldn’t turn left.


Life lessons from 1992

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​In 1992, after much goading from my parents to be participatory, I finally put my name down for a marble and spoon race at school. Seemed like something that could be done by being slow and without much exertion, a combination I still strongly endorse.

Anyway, so the whistle blew and the race was off and I was doing really well. As my fellow competitors lost their marbles and dropped off along the way, I chugged along. 

Finally, with the end in sight I looked down only to realise I had dropped my marble somewhere along the way. The race had been over for me quite a while back, it seemed.

And if this is not an apt metaphor of adult life, I don’t know what is. 😐


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After the banana resolution of 2016, I decided in 2017 I’m going to end every call with – “Love you too!
Every call.
Day 1, but the impatient loan lady did sound mighty surprised.


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At some point in 2015 I had read somewhere (Lancet, perhaps) that more people are willing to put a stranger’s genitalia in their mouth than the brownish part of a ripened banana.

I resolved that in 2016 I’ll not stand for this. If I can go with A, I can surely go with B. Thus, I devoted the year to eating the brown part of ripened bananas.

In conclusion: Glad the horrific year is over. Never eating that again!

Bread that foretold 2016

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Jan 1, 2016, was a cold morning and I remember the first thing I did was to venture out to replenish my depleted stock of bread.

Back from my expedition, I opened the packet and there was an insect merrily traversing all over my bread. For all I know it even flashed me a taunting smile. And that’s when I thought – Maybe this year is not going to be that great.

I did not realise it then but in retrospect the bread metaphorically represented the world and the insect, well, everything that happened.

For 2017, I have already stocked up on the soothsaying bread. 🙂

Monkey’s New Year’s resolution

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The monkey’s New Year’s resolution is to keep the house clean.

In case anyone is wondering what I’m doing cleaning windows out on the terrace in this freezing cold.

How badminton came to takeover 5th Cross Road

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5th Cross, where I live, is relatively a quiet lane. Quiet enough for two young men to be playing badminton this evening.

As a young couple passed them the couple veered to the farthest side. “I don’t want to be hit by their cocks!” said one to the other.

And there I was, just happy to be alive in this year of our lord 2016!

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